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1 Honouring the Qur'aan and the Importance of Tajweed 829
2 There has been much discussion about the hairs coming out of Qur’aans. Some people are of the opinion that these are Rasulullaah SAW.'s hairs and they therefore preserve them in perfume, have sessions of Durood taking place and people come to see it. Othe 705
3 Can the translation of the Qur'aan mentioned be touched without wudhu? Can it be given to a non-Muslim? 711
4 Can the Qur'aan be translated into English or any other language? 738
5 Although you have written sternly against writing the Qur'aan in Gujarati, the people of our village cannot read Arabic at all and it is only by reading the Qur'aan in Gujarati that they can earn any rewards. Which Hadith declares recitation of the Qur'aa 793
6 Is there any harm in writing (transliterating) the entire Qur'aan in Gujarati script in such a way that the pronunciation still remains Arabic? This allows people who are unable to recite Arabic to earn the rewards of reciting the Qur'aan, will any reward 757
7 What Method Ought to be Used when Reciting the Qur'aan 800
8 The Method of Reciting the Qur'aan 711

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