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1 Women come in front of strange (non-Mahram) men and sit and speak with them freely. They often even sit with such men in privacy without their husbands bothering to stop them. In fact, their husbands even approve of it. What is the ruling concerning such 1184
2 I have recently come across a Hadith stating that a person ought to give half a Dinaar in charity when he has intercourse with a menstruating woman (Mishkaat). Does this mean that by giving half a Dinaar (half a gold coin) in charity, one will be able to 760
3 What is the law in Islaam about women wearing the purdah? Did the women observe purdah during the time of Rasulullaah SAW. and the Sahabah RADI. Is it also necessary to observe purdah from one's Ustaadh and peer? Please elaborate in the light of the Qur'a 812
4 Many people in our area are sending their daughters to college and we notice that after taking admission, their dressing, their ways of life and every aspect of their lives change and they gradually even lose their modesty. Their parents send them only be 665
5 What is the ruling of the Shari'ah concerning teaching English to Muslim girls? 762

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