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1 Boiling Something in an Impurity 845
2 Cutting Hair when in the State of Impurity 821
3 For How Long does a Slaughtered Fowl have to Remain in Boiling Water before it is Declared to be Impure? 988
4 Ejaculation when Thinking of a Woman and Definitions of Mani, Madhi and Wadi 11727
5 The Urine of a Breastfed Baby and the Warnings against Failing to Guard against Urine 1469
6 The Vomit of a Child 939
7 The Meaning of an Excused Amount of Impurity 1060
8 Urinating or Passing Stool on a Paper 852
9 Are there other methods to purify? 1021
10 What is the ruling when visible dirt has been removed but its trace remains? 982
11 If the body or clothing is soiled, what is the method of purification? 814
12 When does the difference between severe and light impurity arise? 837
13 What are impurities and what kinds are there? 1023

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