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1 Is it permissible, under the Shariah, to make supplication (Du'a) while one is in Sajdah. It is commonly observed that some people after completing their prayer (Salah) fall in Sajdah and offer supplications in that position. Please explain the correct wa 536
2 Du'aa After salaah 562
3 Should the Du'aa after the Fardh salaah be Silent or Audible? 548
4 The Best method of Making Du'aa 570
5 Making Du'aa in Urdu after the Fardh Salaah 525
6 Duration of the Du'aa after Salaah 581
7 Where Should the Imaam Face when making Du'aa after the Fardh salaah 571
8 Insisting on Making Du'aa after the Eid Khutbah 608
9 The Proof for Collective Du'aa after the Fardh salaah 544
10 What du'aa should be recited after the Fardh salaah? 701
11 Making Du'as during Sajdah 570
12 Adding to the Reported Du'aas 580

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