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1 I shall be much obliged if you please provide me answers in the light of Holy Qur'an and Sunnah in respect of some very important matters for the following: 511
2 Not Celebrating the First Eid after a Funeral 1024
3 Writing Epitaphs on Graves 694
4 Preparing Food for the Bereaved Family 577
5 Closing Businesses upon the Death of a Relative 477
6 The Duration of Mourning 514
7 Clearing an Old Graveyard with Bulldozers and Tractors 476
8 Participating in a Non-Muslim's Funeral 462
9 Building Shops on the Land of the Graveyard in Aid of the Graveyard 464
10 Placing Benches in the Graveyard 501
11 Can the Funds Collected for a Graveyard be Used for a Masjid or Madrassah? 415
12 For a Menstruating Woman or a Kaafir to be with the Deceased 444
13 Building In a Waqf Graveyard 414
14 Burying People in Used Graves 445
15 Using the Bricks around Graves to Build a Wall around the graveyard 624
16 A Bequest to be Cremated 420
17 Showing the Face after the Janaazah salaah 432
18 Using Interest and zakaah in Building a Wall for a Graveyard 460
19 Cutting the Green Grass Around the Graves 620
20 Placing the Bier in the Courtyard of the Masjid 427
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