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1 Opening the Tent of s person in I'tikaaf to make way for the Rows 499
2 Speaking to People while in I'tikaaf 523
3 When a Woman in I'tikaaf Starts to Menstruate 517
4 Speaking to the Wife 518
5 For a Person in I'tikaaf to Fondle his wife 569
6 Going into the Masjid Compound to take a Bath 540
7 I'tikaaf in s Masjid where the Five Salaahs are not Performed in Jamaa'ah 500
8 Leaving the Masjid to Pass Wind 506
9 The I'tikaaf and Jamaa'ah Salaah of a Person whose body Emits a Foul Odour 483
10 Leaving the Masjid to Attend a Court Hearing 493
11 Leaving the Masjid to take a Bath for Jumu’ah 407
12 Leaving the Masjid to collect one's Allowance 440
13 Where is I’tikaaf to be Observed when a Masjid has been Demolished? 328
14 Sitting in I'tikaaf when there is no Proper Masjid 348
15 Tahiyyatul Wudhu and Tahiyyatul Masjid for the Person in I'tikaaf 360
16 Leaving the Masjid when there is Non e other to Bathe the Deceased 359
17 Can a Person in I'tikaaf Sleep on a Bed in the Masjid? 368
18 For an Immature Child to Sit in I'tikaaf 376
19 Proof for Ereating Tents In the Masjid for I'tikaaf 336
20 Erecting a Tent with Sheets for the Person in I'tikaaf and the Masnoon acts for the person in I'tikaaf 329
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