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1 News of the Sighting Received by Fax 494
2 Description of 'Jam'a Azeem' 495
3 Establishing Sighting for Months other than Ramadhaan 468
4 If the Moon is not Sighted even after Fasting for Thirty Days 509
5 News of the Sighting Via the Telephone and By Word of Mouth 503
6 Using the Calculations of the calendar to start the Lunar Months 458
7 Is it Necessary to verify News of the sighting? 501
8 News of the New Moon by Telephone or by Mail 500
9 Confirmed Moon Sighting 539
10 Starting Ramadhaan in Bombay and then Proceeding for Umrah 473
11 Starting the Ramadhaan in a country and Ending Off Somewhere Else 368
12 Fasting and Performing the Taraaweeh salaah Without Valid Evidence 365
13 More about the Sighting of the Moon 382
14 News of the Sighting of the Moon over the Radio 387
15 Seeing the Moon During the Day 417
16 Fasting an Extra Day 366
17 A new Means of Deviation 397
18 Repeating a Fast 374
19 Hearing about the Sighting of the New Moon on the Radio 387
20 The Mufti or pious Aalim of at own receives news of the sighting of the new moon from a Mufti or pious Aalim of another town who telephoned him with the news. He recognised the voice well and heard the news directly without any medium. He was therefore co 395
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