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Miscellaneous Questions
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1 Nikaah after the Jumu'ah salaah 455
2 Is it permissible for an Imaam to take a salary and, if so, what is the yardstick by which the amount is stipulated? Because Imaams are paid so poorly nowadays, is it necessary to draw the attention of trustees of Masaajid to this? What is the ruling conc 435
3 Sitting and Performing salaah when there is Fear of Wind being Passed when Bending in Ruku and Sajdah 439
4 Extending the Sound of the Hamza in the Phrase Allaahu Akbar 486
5 When does the Imaam and Muqtadi Stand up as the Iqaamah is Called out? 503
6 When does the Imaam and Muqtadi Stand up as the Iqaamah is Called out? 420
7 Salaah in and Aeroplane 482
8 Habitually Performing a Second Time in Jamaa'ah 468
9 Performing the Sunnah of Fajr after the Fardh and Performing Qadhas and Nawaafil before and After the Fajr and Asr Salaahs 482
10 Women Performing the Taraaweeh salaah at Home in Jamaa'ah 492
11 Where is it Best to Stand when Calling out the Iqaamah? 441
12 Talking while the Adhaan is Being called out 467
13 An Objection to a Fatwa in Fataawaa Raheemiyyah 428
14 An Important Question Regarding the Taraaweeh salaah 412
15 Should the Hands be Folded when Reciting the Qunoot Naazila? 404
16 An Objection to a Fatwaa in Fataawaa Raheemiyyah 453
17 For the Muqtadi to Precede the Imaam in the Postures of Salaah 481
18 Raising the Hands and Making Du'aa in Congregation after Salaah 419
19 Miscellaneous Questions Regarding Taraaweeh 464