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2 The best Method of calling out the Iqaamah 515
3 Adhaan and Iqaamah for the Person Performing Salaah at Home 576
4 For the Iqaamah to be Given when the Imaam is Ready 518
5 Who Should call out the Iqaamah if the Imaam calls out the Adhaan and is his Permission Necessary? 552
6 Omitting 'As Salaatu Khayrum Minan Nowm" in the Fajr Adhaan 534
7 Should the Two Shahaadahs and Hay'alaahs be recited Once or Twice in the Iqaamah? 498
8 Calling out the Adhaan Immediately after Subh Saadiq 643
9 Calling out the Iqaamah without the Mu'adhin's Permission 604
10 The Adhaan and Iqaamah of one who Attends the Cinema and Qawaali Sessions 600
11 How Long after Zawaal should the Jumu'ah Adhaan be called out? 502
12 Standing while Waiting for the Iqaamah 520
13 What Type of Person should the Mu'adhin be? 868
14 Waking People up for Salaah 509
15 Reciting Durood before the Iqaamah 483
16 When there are several Masaajid, Which Adhaan should One reply to? 473
17 When Adhaan starts as one is Engaged in Reciting the Qur'aan 476
18 Adhaan on a Tape Recorder 571
19 Coughing Aloud to capture the Imaam's Attention at the time of the Iqaamah 475
20 Calling out the Iqaamah Midway between the Rows 472
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