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Shurut [preconditions] of Salaah
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1 Women of a Madrassah Performing salaah in Jamaa'ah 495
2 People who join a salaah that is Being Repeated 506
3 Stopping a Blind Person from Passing 613
4 When a Person Joined only One Rakaah of Maghrib 635
5 In Which salaahs can Qunoot Naazilah be Recited? 561
6 Will the Salaah be Affected if there remains a sweet taste in the throat while Performing salaah 562
7 The Importance of salaah in jamaa'ah 672
8 Making the Takbeer Tahreema while still far from the Saff for fear of missing the Rakaah 594
9 Where should One stand when there is no Place in the Saff? 574
10 The Imaam Makes Salaam as Soon as the Latecomer Joins the salaah 525
11 When the Edge of a Mat is Impure 534
12 Performing Salaah on a Floor Plastered with Dung 533
13 Will Salaah be Valid if Performed in a House Built with Interest Money? 504
14 When the Imaam Forgot to recite Surah Faatihs or another Surah and then did so after Rising from Ruku 587
15 What is a woman's 'awrah? 925
16 What are the limits of a man's 'Awrah which must be covered for the Salah to be valid? 867
17 How should one pray who does not have clothing to cover his 'Awrah? 720
18 What should someone who neither has pure clothing nor has the means of removing the Najasah do? 660
19 Describe the preconditions of Salah by which Salaah IS not valid? 971