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1 ON SALAH 398
2 (1) When sitting in salaah, some people lay their left foot on the ground and then place the top of the right foot upon the sole of the left. Is this permissible and from where did they derive this? 325
3 Women Performing Salaah in the Masiid 407
4 Completing Two Missed Rakaahs of the Maghrib Salaah 358
5 Is it Necessary for the Rows to be Consecutive? 367
6 When a Person Sitting while Performing Bends too Much in Ruku 406
7 Performing a Second Jamaa'ah 403
8 Performing Salaah Bareheaded 408
9 Weeping in salaah 379
10 A Child Suckling while the Mother is Performing Salaah 402
11 Performing salaah without Gargling after Eating 368
12 Placing the Heels Next to the Heels of the Adjacent Musalli 596
13 Positioning People Beforehand in the Centre of the Rows to Create an Exit for the others and Placing Chairs in the Masjid 482
14 Should the Muqtadi follow the Imaam or Complete the Tashahhud? 365
15 Reciting Surah Faatiha Loudly in the Closing Rakaahs of the Maghrib or Isha salaahs 341
16 Performing salaah on a Roof Atop a Grave 335
17 Performing salaah with a Bottle of Urine in the Pocket 366
18 Is Straightening the Rows the Duty of the Imaam or the Mu'adhin? 349
19 Forcing the Mu'adhin to say 'Allaahumma Aameen' 330
20 Playing with the Body or Clothing in Salaah 364
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