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1 Joining Ta'awwudh with a Surah 833
2 Joining the Last Letter of a Surah with the Takbeer of Ruku 559
3 The Position of the Fingers during Sajdah and Qa'dah 599
4 The Masnoon Method of Performing Sajdah 622
5 The Masnoon Method of Going Down for Sajdah 660
6 When does the Muqtadi stand up? 581
7 When the Jamaa'ah Starts as One is Performing the Sunnah salaah 514
8 Proceeding in Ruku immediately after the Takbeer Tahreema 564
9 How to Complete Missed Rakaahs 562
10 Will Sajdah be valid if only the Big Toe touches the Ground in Sajdah? 528
11 When the Wrong Intention is Made 494
12 When One States the Wrong Intention 457
13 Reciting Ta'awwudh and Tasmiya before and after Surah Faatiha 794
14 The Imaam makes Salaam when the Follower Sits 522
15 The Du'aas in Qaumah and Jalsa 505
16 Making Ruku when Performing salaah in a sifting Posture 510
17 Adding the Words "Wa Barakaatuh" after the Salaam 482
18 What is the ruling of Sajdah on the tail of the turban or the extra part of the clothing? 667
19 Question 149) - Explain the method of Salaah from beginning to end. 813

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