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1 The Minimum Amount of Qiraa'ah to Recite 535
2 Repeating the Qiraa'ah for a Rakaah that was Nullified 585
3 Silent Qiraa'ah 518
4 The Masnoon Quantity of Qiraa'ah 595
5 Qiraa'ah Khalfal Imaam" (Reciting Qiraa'ah while Following the Imaam) 572
6 Details of the Qunoot Naazilah 675
7 Should Qiraa'ah be Silent or Audible during the Salaah for a Solar Eclipse? 707
8 Reciting Qiraa'ah Audibly in the second two Rakaahs of the Fardh Salaah 630
9 A Follower Corrected the Imaam after he had Already Recited the Necessary Amount of Qiraa'ah 610
10 Recitation of the Qur'aan in the Fajr Salaah 660
11 How Loud should the Qiraa'ah of the Imaam be? 529
12 If there is no Wajib specification, is there anything from the Sunnah about reading certain Surahs in some Salah, which if the Musalli chooses to read then he will be rewarded? 540
13 Can Qira-ah be specified in certain Salah? 663
14 Does a woman read aloud when praying a loud Salah on her own? 912
15 Should the Imam or Munfarid read Amin aloud after al-Fatihah? 769
16 Should the Imam or Munfarid read Bismillaah or Ta'awwuz aloud when the Qira-ah is loud? 672
17 Explain the laws of Qira-ah for the Imam, Muqtadi [Follower] and Mufrid [Solitary Musalli]. 903

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