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Sunnah and Nafl
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1 Cutting Short the Sunnah before Zuhr 549
2 Reciting Durood and Du'aa after the Tashahhud in the First Sitting of Nafl salaah 604
3 Performing the Tahiyyatul Masjid salaah before the Fajr salaah and During the Khutbah 523
4 The Four Rakaahs before the Zuhr and Jumu'ah salaahs 523
5 The Number of Rakaahs to be Performed before the Asr and Isha salaahs 536
6 Are The Four Rakoohs before the Isha Sunnah Mu'akkadah or sunnah Ghayr Mu'akkadah 517
7 The Sunnah of Fajr when the Fardh had already commenced 515
8 Is Nafl Salaah best at Home, in the Masiidul Haraam or in the Masjidun Nabawi? 553
9 The Nafl salaah before the Fardh of Asr 487
10 Reciting Durood in the First Sitting of the Sunnah Mu'akkadah and Nafl salaahs 590
11 Sitting before Performing the Tahiyyatul Wudhu Salaah 542
12 Adding to the Tasbeehast of the Salaatut Tasbeeh 476
13 The Status of Tahiyyatul Masjid 573
14 Should the Sunnah of Fajr be Performed First When Jamaa'ah has already started? 476
15 Should the Fard or Sunnah be Performed First When one misses the Fajr Salaah? 532
16 Performing Nafl Salaah between dawn and Sunrise 476
17 What salaahs can be performed between the Asr and Maghrib salaahs? 537
18 Performing Tahiyyatul Wudhu or any other Salaah after Asr 541
19 Is it allowed to pray Nafl on a beast? 659
20 What do you say about starting Nafl Sarah standing and then sitting? 656
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