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1 Q: Some people look here and there while in salah. Is this permissible? 420
2 Closing the eyes in salaah 410
3 Lifting up the Trousers before Proceeding into Sajdah 409
4 Applying all the Weight to One Leg While Standing 392
5 Lifting the Right Foot off the Ground when Sitting up from the Sajdah 449
6 Loudly saying, 'Yaa Allaah!" in Salaah 416
7 Continuously Reciting Ta'awwudhin Salaah to Dispel evil Thuoghts 401
8 Delivering the Khutbah and Leading the salaah While Wearing a Lungi 418
9 Playing with the Clothing and Beard in Salaah 418
10 Rolling up the Sleeves while performing Salaah 423
11 If the Muqtadi makes Salaam before the Imaam 371
12 A Muqtadi who Leaves after the Fajr and Asr Salaahs before the Imaam 304
13 Reciting (SALAAMO ALAYKUM) instead of (ASSALAAMO ALAYKUM) when making Salaam 350
14 Performing salaah with the Garments below the Ankles 464
15 Shaking Hands after the Jumu'ah and Eid Salaahs 459
16 Clearing the Throat During Salaah 507
17 Performing Salaah with Exposed Elbows 447
18 Leaving the Masjid After Adhaan without Performing Salaah 499
19 List those Makruh acts which should not be done in Salah? 1749

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