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Congregation and Imamah [leading the Salaah]
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21 Should a Person Performing salaah Alone Start to recite Audibly when People start to Follow him 567
22 How Does a Hanafi Imaam Lead a Shaafi'ee follower? 539
23 Is if Necessary for the Imaam to Have the Intention of Being the Imaam? 522
24 For a Sinner to be an Imaam? 520
25 Can a Salaah Repeated after a Few days be Performed in Congregation? Will the Reward of Salaah in Congregation be Attained? 444
26 Who is Most Qualified to be an Imaam? 480
27 Is Leading the Taraaweeh salaah part of the the Imaam's Duties? 568
28 An Imaam with an Amputated Arm 509
29 Reciting' Akbaar' instead of ' Akbar' 480
30 Making Salaam after the Third Rakaah in a Four Rakaah Salaah 550
31 How should the Imaam Appoint a Deputy when his wudhu breaks? 495
32 How should the Imaam Appoint a Deputy when his wudhu breaks? 393
33 How many Times should an Imaam Recite the Tasbeeh in Ruku and Sajdah? 580
34 Following a man who Teaches Girls who are of Age or Close to it 553
35 Performing Salaah Behind an Imaam whose has Repented from his Evil Ways 523
36 An Imaam whose Wife has Repented from her Evil Ways 563
37 An Imaam whose Beard has not yet Grown 506
38 An Imaam Performed salaah behind a Ghayr Muqallid Imaam with the Intention of Nafl and then Led the Musallis in his Masiid 657
39 An Imaam who Led the Salaah in a State of Impurity 540
40 For a Person to be an Imaam when he is Blind or has poor sight 526
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