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Congregation and Imamah [leading the Salaah]
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41 Making the Condition that the Imaam and Mu'adhin have to remsin in the Masjid at all times 785
42 When an Imaam carries out acts of Bid'ah and Holds wrong Beliefs, can people with correct Beliefs Perform salaah in Jamaa'sh at their Homes? 709
43 For a Sinner to be an Imaam 795
44 An Imaam whose wife does not Practise Hijaab 813
45 When a Married Imaam does not Go Home for a year 845
46 Tying a Turban for Salaah 771
47 For a Barber to be the Imaam 810
48 The Right to be Imaam 751
49 For a Person to be an Imaam when he Believes that the Qur'aan is a Creation 803
50 What are the Duties of an Imaam And how much should he be Paid? 717
51 An Imaam who Stutters 782
52 Performing salaah Behind a Person who Practises Contraception 735
53 An Imaam who Carries out Acts of Bid'ah and Speaks Ill of the True Ulema 733
54 For a Leper to be an Imaam 821
55 Will there be a Deficiency in the Salaah if one did not Hear any letter that the Imaam Recited? 802
56 Reciting (TA?A MALUN) instead of (TA?A LAMUN) 955
57 Reciting (ASHAR) instead of (AHAD ASHAR) 772
58 Stopping or Continuing at the verse (ILLAA MAN TAVLLI WAKAFAR) 809
59 If Some Verses are Omitted 743
60 Correcting Oneself after an Error 749
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