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Congregation and Imamah [leading the Salaah]
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81 Following and Imaam who Makes Masah on a Bandage 519
82 A Faasiq as an Imaam 567
83 An Imaam who Trims his Beard 558
84 Should an Imaam Resign if the Muqtadis are Displeased with him? 587
85 How Loudly does the Imaam need to Recite during the Audible salaahs? 519
86 The Dressing of the Imaam 532
87 For the Imaam to be on Time 511
88 For an Imaam to be Corrected during the Fardh salaah 564
89 An Imaam with an Avid Interest in cricket 510
90 The Imaam did not Sit after two Rakaahs 550
91 Must only the Imaam leading the Isha salaah lead the Witr salaah 583
92 Should a Hanafi Imaam wait Until the Shaafi'ee Follower completes saying' Aameen" ? 544
93 Sitting after the Third Rakaah of the Zuhr salaah and then proceeding to perform s fifth Rakaah 647
94 Unnecessarily Correcting the Imaam 670
95 The Imaam Dies in the Final Sitting Posture 634
96 Which Side must the Imaam turn to make Du'aa after the Fair and Asr salaahs? 639
97 Taking the Status of a Person into Account to Appoint him as Imaam 585
98 Can an Imaam be Followed if his Recitation is Unclear? 816
99 Reciting a Zabar instead of a Pesh 852
100 Omitting the Alif in (IYYA KANAST’EEN) 787
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