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Joining the Fard
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1 If one misses the Sunnah before Jumu'ah should one pray it after Jumu'ah? 801
2 If he is intending to pray the Sunnah which he missed before the Farm after the Fare, must he pray the four missed Rak'at first or the two which come after the Fard? 509
3 If he misses the Sunnah before Zhuhr, when should he make it up? 588
4 If he did not pray the Sunnahs of Fajr due to joining the Imam or due to lack of time) when should he make it up? 544
5 Someone missed Fajr and intends to pray it after sunrise. Should he pray the Sunnah as well or is the Fard sufficient? 790
6 A man reaches the Imam who is praying Fajr, and the man did not yet pray the two Sunnah before. What should he do? 589
7 If he began Nafl and the Jama'ah began? 596
8 What should a man do who has begun his Sundae before Zhuhr or Jumu'ah and the Jama'ah or Khutbah begins? 637
9 Will he then join the Imam after completing as above? 590
10 What does a Munfarid do if he has prayed a Rak'ah or two of the Fard of Fajr or Maghrib and the Jama'ah commences? 658
11 Explain what happens in 'Asr. 608
12 How does he break off? 606
13 If he did not yet makes sajdah of the third Rak'ah? 529
14 What is the ruling if he completed the Sajdah of the third Rak'ah of Zhuhr or Asr and Jama'ah commences? 517
15 If he did not yet make Sajdah? 559
16 What should a Munfarid do if he completed a Rak'ah of Zhuhr or 'Isha with the Sujud and congregational Salah commences? 758