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Sujudus Sahw [Sujud of forgetfulness]
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1 I have been in the practice of making 4 Rak'at with one Taslim, I ask if I forget to recite the Thana at the beginning of the 3 third Rak'at and start the recitation of Surah Fatihah and then remember, can I stop reciting the Surah and recite the Thalia a 545
2 If the Salaam is Delayed in Error? 351
3 If Surah Faatiha is Repeated? 329
4 Forgetting the First Sitting and then Sitting Down to Repeat it 334
5 When an Imaam Sits Down after being corrected by the Followers 311
6 If Ruku or One Sajdah was Omitted 339
7 Are all Salaahs the Same in Terms of Performing Sajdah Sahw? 355
8 Repeating a Portion of Surah Faatiha 330
9 If a Portion of the Tashahhud is Omitted 287
10 Repeating Surah Faatiha 338
11 Will Sajdah Sahw be Necessary for a Delay in making Salaam? 271
12 The Imaam stopped to Think after the surah Faatiha 292
13 Performing Sajdah Sahw without first Making Salaam 264
14 Not reciting Surah Faatiha in full 290
15 Will Sajdah Sahw be necessary when are recites the Qiraa'ah loudly in a silent Salaah or vice versa? 286
16 Performing only One Sajdah Sahw 265
17 Forgetting to Recite the Du'aa Qunoot in the Witr salaah 273
18 Performing Sajdah Tilaawah before the Sajdah Tilaawah verse 252
19 A Muqtadi making and Error 265
20 Reciting Tashahhud after the Sajdah Sahw 272
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