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Sujudut Tilawah
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1 Reciting the Same Sajdah Tilaawah in a Separate Two Rakaahs of salaah 456
2 Repeating Sajdah Tilaawah Verses 429
3 Reciting a Few verses after the Sajdah Tilaawah before the Ruku 468
4 Intending the Sajdah Tilaawah when Performing Ruku or Sajdah 516
5 Performing the Sajdah Tilaawaah without Reciting the verse and not Performing it at all 476
6 Not Performing the Sajdah Tilaawah 441
7 Paying Fidya Rather than Performing the Sajdah Tilaawah 485
8 Should the Imaam Perform One or Two Sajdah Tilaawahs when he has been Corrected by a Follower? 452
9 How should Sajdatut Tilawah be made? 682
10 Does one Sajdah suffice for repeating the same Sajdah Aayah? 609
11 What do you say about a man who read a Sajdah Aayah outside of Salah and made the Sajdah then he commenced Salah and read the same Aayah in it. Does his first Sajdah suffice? 378
12 A man read an Aayah of Sajdah outside of Salah. He does not make the Sajdah. He then performs Salah and recites the same Aayah in it. if he performs a Sajdah for it, will it suffice for both recitations? 424
13 Will that extra Sajdah nullify their Salah? 558
14 lf they perform it in Salah, will it suffice? 568
15 is the Sajdah Waiib upon people who are in Salah, and they hear a man who is not in with them in salah reciting a Sajdah Aayah? 549
16 lf the follower recites the Aayah of sajdah' is the Sajdah necessary upon him and the Imam? 574
17 when the imam recites an Aayah of sajdah' is it Wajib upon the followers to make the Saidah as well? 543
18 What are the number of these Aayat and in which Surahs do they occur? 560
19 What is the reality of the single Sajdah we see readers of the Quran performing during their Tilawah [recitation]? 555