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1 Performing Salaah after an Operation 558
2 If Urine Drips when in Sajdah 677
3 For an Ill Person lo Make Sajdah on a pillow 647
4 When one is Unable to Keep the Right Foot Erect in Qa'dah 646
5 Salaah of a Sick Person 597
6 Salaah of a Sick Person and Fidyah 600
7 An ill Person who does not have the Strength to Attend the Jamaa’ah as well as stand 604
8 When can a Sick Person Sit and Perform salaah? 594
9 Having a Cataract Operation 681
10 In a lecture, a certain Molvi Sahib stated a ruling that if a woman is giving birth and the head of the baby has already emerged when she hears the Adhaan, she should perform her salaah. Is salaah permissible in this condition? Is the Molvi Sahib right? 538
11 Can a Woman recite Wazas'if when Menstruating? 539
12 Should Iqaamah be called out when performing salaah alone at home? 529
13 A man's urine drips if he performs salaah while standing as well as when he performs salaah sitting down. The only time it does not drip is when he lies down and performs salaah by indications. How should he perform salaah? 400
14 Sitting and Performing Salaah because of Dripping Urine 521
15 When Salaah cannot be performed in Jamaa'ah 541
16 For a Sick Person to Sit and Perform salaah 559
17 What is the ruling of Salah missed due to unconsciousness? 688
18 if he prayed part of the Salah with indications and then became able to make Ruku' and Sujud, must he continue the Salah? 648
19 if someone was praying whilst sitting due to sickness and made Ruku 'and Sujud, then became healthy during the Salah, does he begin his Salah anew? 535
20 lf someone was healthy and praying his Salah standing, then he became sick, how should he complete his Salah? 550
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