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Salaah of the Musafir [Traveller]
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21 Will a Driver or a Bus Conductor perform Safar salaah? 608
22 The Musaafir in the Shari'ah 547
23 Qiraa'ah when a Muqeem follows a Musaafir Imaam 611
24 A Musaafir Performed Four Rakaahs salaah 590
25 The Watn Asli does not Lose its Status by Travelling to a Watn lqaamah 617
26 Watn Iqaamah is Nullified by Travel 577
27 The Details of Watn Asli, Watn Iqaamah and Safar in Terms of the Shari'ah 689
28 When Should Qasr be Performed and when not? 655
29 Returning Midway though a Journey 653
30 When will the Laws of Safr Apply? 654
31 A Long and Short Road 683
32 It is Necessary to specify a Place to Become a Muqeem? 784
33 Do I have to perform Qasr salaah in Hansod when I stay there for only six or seven days? Yesterday I performed Qasr salaah as an imaam in a village that lies some six to seven miles outside Hansod. Is the salaah valid or does it have to be repeated? 541
34 The Distance of Qasr 650
35 Zaid leaves home with the intention of staying in Makkah for two months. Should he perform Qasr salaah en route? 726
36 What is the ruling regarding the Sunnah salaahs when travelling? Should they be performed or not? 665
37 Will one perform Qasr for Sunan and Nawaafil salaahs as well? 632
38 If a Muqeem follows a Musaafir Imaam who performs Qasr salaah and then stands up to complete the two Rakaahs, will he recite Surah Faatiha and a Surah? 506
39 When the Imaam and/or Follower are Travellers 698
40 Performing Qasr when Travelling from the Want lqaamah to the Watn Asli 739
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