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Salaah of the Musafir [Traveller]
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41 When Reaching one's Hometown 666
42 What do you mean it is allowed in practice but not in each other's times? 829
43 is a traveller allowed to join between two Salah' such as Zhuhr and 'Asr and Maghrib and 'Isha? 684
44 in this era people travel by car and plane and do not feel difficulty in it. Do they make Qasr despite that? 660
45 is Qasr for an obedient traveller only or for sinners as well? 654
46 A traveller missed a Salah and upon entering his town wishes to pray it; or a resident missed a Salah and now wishes to pray it while on travel. What do they do? 594
47 A man was born in a town and lived there for years. He then made another place his hometown. He then enters the first town for some need. Does he complete or shorten his Salah? 542
48 A traveller has returned to his town and did not intend to stay for 15 days. Does he complete or shorten his Salah? 662
49 if a traveller intends staying at Makkah and Mina for fifteen is he a traveller or resident? 591
50 Does the travelling imam make any announcement to the followers? 681
51 A traveller leads residents in a four Rak'at Salah. Does he make Qasr? 700
52 The Muslim army enters the land of the enemy and intends staying 15 days. Do they pray the complete four? 624
53 A traveller enters a town and does not intend staying 15 days, but says, "l might go tomorrow or the day thereafter. ?What is the ruling? 578
54 lf he intends staying less than 15 days? 671
55 Are there situations where a traveller prays four Rak'at? 632
56 what is the ruling if he did not sit in the second Rak'ah the duration of Tashshahud? 775
57 Although Makruh, if he prayed four Rak'at' has his Fard obligation been fulfilled? 755
58 will he be rewarded for praying four Rak'at when he should have made Qasr? 659
59 Explain those laws relating to Salah. 859
60 Are there separate laws in Shari'ah pertaining to travellers? 706
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