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Salatul Jumu'ah
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61 More Clarity on the Issue (abridged) 603
62 Giving a Talk and Advices before the Khutbah 627
63 The Method of Delivering the Khutbah 643
64 Is it correct to recite the Khutbah in Arabic together with the Urdu translation? 568
65 In What Language should the Khutbah be Delivered? 604
66 Using a Loudspeaker for the Jumu'ah and Eid Khutbahs 582
67 Waiting for people for the Khutbah or Salaah 605
68 Does the Khutbah have to be Repeated if the Imaam needed to make Wudhu after delivering it? 632
69 Praising the Khulafaa Raashideen during the Khutbah 648
70 Joining the Jumu'ah Salaah in the Qa'dah 633
71 When the Salaah or KhutbahSforfs while One is Performing Sunnah salaah 606
72 Going Elsewhere for the Jumu'ah Salaah when it is not Permissible in One's Locality 593
73 Is Jumu'ah Valid when there is no Masjid? 609
74 Sitting with one Leg across the other during the Jumu'ah Khutbah 667
75 Can Nafl salaah be Performed at the Time of Zawaal on Fridays? 623
76 Repeating the Jumu'ah salaah 622
77 Closing the Local Masjid to Perform Salaah in the Jaami Masjid 615
78 Reciting Durood in the First Sitting of the Sunnah Rakaahs of Jumu'ah 641
79 Reciting Durood during the Khutbah 799
80 Is it Sunnah to Hold the Staff while Delivering the Khutbah? 742
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