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Salatul Jumu'ah
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81 Reciting Surah Kahaf on Fridays 812
82 Congregating to recite Surah Kahaf 862
83 what is the ruling of listening carefully to the Khutbah if one is far? 1039
84 Does the Imam read loud or soft Qira-ah during Jumu'ah? 1005
85 Desribe the Sunnah Khutbah. 1144
86 How many times is Azan called for Jumu'ah? 1108
87 What is the ruling of Salah and talking after the Imam emerges? 1030
88 What is the ruling of buying and selling after the Azan of Jumu'ah? 1067
89 What should he do if he gains the Salah when the Imam is in Tashshahud or Sujudus Sahw? 1054
90 What should one who has missed a Rak'ah of Jumu'ah do? 1105
91 Should those who are excused and prisoners pray Zhuhr in congregation on the Day of Jumu'ah? 1008
92 What is the ruling if he goes to join the Imam for Jumu'ah after having prayed his own Zhuhr? 1066
93 If he did that anyway and the Waqt of Zhuhr passes, has his Salah fulfilled the Fard of that Waqt? 1089
94 Is it allowed to pray Zhuhr at home without any reason, before the Imam prays Jumu'ah? 1098
95 What should one who has missed Jumu'ah for a reason do? 1096
96 Is the Salah of the Imam and followers valid if a slave, Sick man, traveller or blind man leads freemen, healthy men and residents for Jumu'ah? 1020
97 If these people attend Jumu'ah have they fulfilled the Fard of that Waqt? 1072
98 List those reasons which excuse one from attending jumu'ah? 1137
99 Are there conditions to establish it? 1139
100 What is the ruling of Salatul Jumu'ah? 1088
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