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1 Collections on the day of Eid 550
2 The Imaam made the Missed Takbeer in the second Rakaah while the Followers went into Ruku 594
3 Du'aa after the Eid salaah 537
4 Reciting " Alhamdu Lillaah" Twice before the Khutbah 633
5 Not Eating before the Eid'salaah on the day of Eidul Adhaa 602
6 Following a shaafi'ee Imaam in the Eid salaah 574
7 Using a Deserted Eid Gah and Demolishing the Mihraab and Mimbar for Extensions 549
8 For the Audience to call out the Takbeers during the End Khutbah 566
9 Performing the Eid salaah in the Local Masjid for Good Reason 499
10 The Time for the Eid salaah 556
11 The Takbeer Before the Eid Khutbah 612
12 Is Shaking Hands and Embracing acts of Bid'ah only at the Eid Gah? 514
13 The Eid Gah of every City needs to be Separate 463
14 Arranging for the Eid Salaah to be Performed in the Jaami Masjid for the Ill and Elderly 568
15 Performing the Eid salaah in a Vacant Area of the Graveyard 522
16 For Women to Attend the Masjid and Eid Gah 601
17 Reciting the Takbeer Loudly and in Chorus before the Eid salaah 482
18 Raising the Hands to Make Du'aa Between the Two Khutbahs 514
19 Not Performing the Fajr salaah on the day of Eid 492
20 Repeating the Eid salaah out of Necessity 455
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