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1 Inserting wooden Planks before Filling the Grave 979
2 Reciting the Kalimah Aloud when Carrying the Funeral Bier 562
3 Failing to face the Deceased Towards the Qibla 571
4 Spraying Water on the Grave after Burial to Prevent the Sand from Dispersing 616
5 Laying the Deceased to rest on his Right side 608
6 Throwing sand over the Dead Body in the Grave without First Placing Planks or Unbaked Bricks 854
7 Delaying the Burial to Wait for Friends and Family 632
8 Transporting a Decessed Person from one Place to Another 536
9 Delaying the Funeral and Performing the Sunnah Salaah before it 522
10 Walking with the Funeral 617
11 A Bequest to be Bathed, Shrouded and Buried by a Particular Person 496
12 For Relatives to be Buried together 526
13 Can the Husband enter the Wife’s Grave 553
14 Burying Rawaafidh in a Muslim Cemetery 521
15 Burying a Person in Another's Grave 534
16 Building a Solid Grave 571
17 Covering the Grave with Stones 539
18 The direction of the Deceased Feet when Lifting the Bier 514
19 Facing the Feet of the Deceased towards the Qibla in the Grave 522
20 Facing the Feet of the Deceased towards the Qibla in the Grave 559
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