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1 Is Salah performed upon rebels and highway robbers? 793
2 What is the ruling of one killed in hadd [prescribed Islaamic punishment] or Qisas [retaliation]? 729
3 What is the ruling of one who is wounded on the battlefield and remains alive and the Waqt of Salah passes while he retains his senses; or he is carried alive from the battlefield? 577
4 Someone has been wounded in the battlefield. He then eats, drinks or is treated. He then dies. is he regarded as a Martyr? 756
5 We know that a martyr is not washed like other dead, but is his blood washed and his clothing removed? 741
6 If the martyr died while Junub will he be given Ghusl or not? 1028
7 Describe those laws. 795
8 Is there a difference in the laws of a martyr? 766

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