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2 A Peculiar Manner of Paying the Sadaqatul Fitr 747
3 Can a Wealthy Person Accept Nafl Sadaqah 779
4 Sadaqatul Fitr is Never Waived 687
5 Distributing Sadaqah before the Money is Actually Received 726
6 Using the Sadaqatul Fitr Money to Purchase Land for a Madrasah 668
7 Paying Sadaqatul Fitr in Flour 778
8 Paying the Sadaqatul Fitr on the First of Ramadhaan 666
9 Must a Father pay the Sadaqatul Fitr on Behalf of his Children who are already of Age? 652
10 Which wheat Price is to be Given as sadaqatul Fitr? 1024
11 What type of Grain is to be Given with the Sadaqqtul Fitr Monies Received from Abroad? 558
12 How Must the Sadaqatul Fitr be paid? 561
13 Can a Person who owns a Home and Property Accept Sadaqatul Fitr if he is Needy 518
14 Are Household Goods Taken into Account when Paying Sadaqatul Fitr 538
15 How much is a Sa'? 1227
16 What is the ruling if he paid with something else, such as Dirhams, money, rice or corn? 724
17 How much is Sadaqatul Fitr? 785
18 What is the benefit of paying Sadaqatul Fitr? 1016
19 Who are entitled to receive Sadaqatul Fitr? 902
20 lf he delays it after 'Idul Fitr? 857
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