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1 If a traveller who was not fasting reached home during the day of Ramadan or a woman in her menses attained purity during the day, what should they do? 848
2 What is the ruling of an insane person who regains his sanity during the day of Ramadan? 774
3 What is the ruling of someone who was unconscious during Ramadan? 727
4 Do they keep Qada for the partial day they reached? 707
5 lf a child attains puberty or a Kafir embraces Islaam in the day of Ramadan, what should they do? 876
6 What is done when someone did not fast due to travel or illness and then had days to make Qada but did not do so and then his death approaches? 786
7 What is Fidyah? 1621
8 What is meant by Shaykh Fani? 915
9 Are there people upon whom missed Salah is not Qada, but Fidyah [compensation] is Wajib upon them? 810
10 Will they fulfil their missed fasts after Ramadan? 642
11 Is there anyone who compulsorily does not fast in Ramadan? 739
12 Is there anyone else besides a traveller and sick person who are allowed not to fast in Ramadan? 628
13 lf the sick person is cured or the travel becomes resident, is Qada necessary? 645
14 A traveller did not fast during his travel, or a sick person did not fast during his sickness. They then die in that state of travel or sickness. Is anything Wajib upon them? 556
15 Is there any leeway for anyone not to fast during Ramadan? 684
16 What is the meaning of sawm linguistically and in Shari'ah? What are the beginning and ending times? 774
17 What is the ruling of fasting in Islaam? 628