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Q: Imaan-106 : How many times is the Tasbeeh recited in the Tasbeeh Faatimi? Do the narrations of Hadith vary in this regard? Furthermore, will a person be rewarded for adding to the number specified in the Ahadeeth? While one person claims that more rewards will be attained, another is of the opinion that true blessings will be attained by adhering to the number specified in the Ahadeeth. Who is right?

Answer: According to a narration of Muslim and reported in Miskatul Masaabeeh (Pg.89), the Tasbeeh Faatimi consists of reciting of ('Subhaanallaah') 33 times, ('Al Hamdulillaah') 33 times and ('Allaahu Akbar') also 33 times. Thereafter, to complete 100, one should recite the following once:

There are, however, other figures reported. Another narration of Muslim. Also reported in Mishkaatul Masaabeeh (Pg.89), stating that ('AllaahuAkbar') is to be recited 34 times. There are also Ahadeeth stating that each of these each of these 3 Tasbeehaat is to be recited ten times after every salaah. Haafidh Ibn Hajar RAH. has compiled these various narrations and states in Ta'leequs Sabeeh that more blessings will be attained by reciting according to the numbers specified. If one recites extra unintentionally, he will, Inshaa Allaah still attain the blessings. However, if one started off with the intention of adding to the specified numbers, it is possible that he may be deprived of the virtues. An example of this is adding too much sugar to a medicine, which will cause it's effect to be lost. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimmiyyah (vol. 1)