A Sick Person Performing salaah in the state of Impurity Print
TAHAARAH - Cleanliness - Salaah

A Sick Person Performing salaah in the state of Impurity

Q: Taharaat-71: The body and clothing of a bed-ridden person does not remain pure at all times. Can he perform salaah in this condition on the bed since it is very difficult to keep him clean at all times? Are there any concessions? The person cannot clean himself after relieving himself (Istinjaa) and cannot always have someone in attendance to assist.

Answer: The salaah cannot be forsaken even though the body, clothing and bed may be impure. Inshaa Allaah, it will be regarded as done. If the person is unable to carry out Istinjaa and there is no such person to assist him for whom it is permissible to see his private areas, the obligation of Istinjaa will be waived. He may perform salaah in the same condition and will not need to repeat the salaah.

The following appears in Behisti Zewar (Pg.55): If a person is suffering from paralysis or another disease because of which he is unable to make Istinjaa with water, he may wipe himself with a mud clod or a cloth. He may then perform salaah in this condition. If he is unable to perform Tayammum, someone may perform it for him. However, if he cannot even wipe himself with a mud clod or a cloth, he should perform salaah as is and not let it be missed. No one can see the private areas of his body, not even his parents and children. It is only the wife who can see the husband and vice versa. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2