Is there a dua for safe delivery? Print

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Q: 306 ? Title: Is there a dua for safe delivery?


As Salaam Alay Kum Mufti Sahab,I have a question relating to my sister?s pregnancy. She is living with her husband and 2 year old daughter in a remote city of France. She is in her 8 month of pregnancy. My brother in-law told me on phone that, my sister went for scanning today and doctor said that, the child?s head should have turned downwards by this time, or else it will be difficult for the child to come out. They have to do the operation (Khuda-na-Khasta), for the child to come out, if the child?s head doesn?t turn downwards. We are very worried regarding this.

I have asked my brother in-law to do ablution and recite Surah- Fatiha 7 times and breath (dum) it in on Zum-Zum water and give it to my sister.? Could you please suggest us some dua/ surah which we can recite for the normal delivery of the child. This is a very crucial period for them, as they are alone there in a remote place, with no family or friends. We know that it is just a matter of less than a second or just a thought for ALLAH to do this. We are praying as well for this. Is there any dua / surah which our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has told us in this matter?

We would be very grateful to you for this and INSHALLAH you will get a reward for this in hereafter life. A quick reply will be very very beneficial to us Mufti sahab. Hope you can understand our situation.

As Salaam Alay Kum,



In the Name of All?h, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-sal?mu ?alaykum wa-rahmatull?h wa-barak?tuh.

Recite ?? ???????? ??????????? ??????????? ?? ???????? (y? Bad?? al-aj??ib bi al-khayr, y? Bad??) 1200 times daily, in addition to making du?? to Allah.? May Allah grant her a safe delivery of a healthy and pious child.? ?m?n.

And All?h knows best.