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Explain the women forbidden by lineage. PDF Print E-mail
Kitabun Nikah [ The book of Marriage ] - Muharramat [forbidden women]

Question 1461) - Explain the women forbidden by lineage.

A: They are mothers, daughters, sisters, sisters of one's father, sisters of one's mother, daughters of one's brother, daughters of one's sister - all these have been explicitly mentioned in the Quraan in Suratun Nisa. Mothers include a man's actual mother, as well as his grandmothers from both his father's and mother's side and thus going back and forbidding all female ancestors. Similarly daughters include a man's biological daughter, the daughters of his sons and daughter and thus all female descendants. Sisters include full sisters as well as half- sisters from either the mother's or father's side. In this way, daughter of a brother includes daughters of full-brothers, and daughters of half- brothers from either the mother's or father's side. Deduce the same for nieces from one's three kind of sisters. In the same way a paternal aunt is Haram whether she is one's father?s full sister or half sister with a common father or half-sister with a common mother. Deduce the same for a maternal aunt in all three cases.

~ al-Quduri ~