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Which women cannot be married because of Kufr and Shirk? PDF Print E-mail
Kitabun Nikah [ The book of Marriage ] - Muharramat [forbidden women]

Question 1465) - Which women cannot be married because of Kufr and Shirk?

A: If a man is outside the pale of Islaam then a Muslim lady may not marry him, whatever religion he may belong to. A Muslim man may not marry a polytheist, an idol-worshipper, a fire-worshipper or any other kind of Kafir* unless she is a Christian or Jew.*

* A man may also not have sex with a polytheist or fire-worshipper slave. Kafir anyone who denies the necessary beliefs of Islam. This includes the Qadianis, the Batiniyah, the Shi'ah and the Ithna 'Ashariyah who claim the Quran is corrupted. Some Muslims have been deceived by their claims of Islam and have married their daughters despite them being Kafirs.

* Although marriage to a female Christian or Jew is permissible, 'Umar RADI. Forbade it. In our times the youth living in Europe, America, Canada and Australia desire Christian women and turn away from Muslim ladies who cannot find spouses. This is a great fitnah which 'Umar RADI. foresaw.
Even worse is when the Christians encourage their women to marry Muslims so that they can entice them to Christainity. Even if they do not become Christians then the woman quite often makes the children Christian. Thus there are Christian offspring from a Muslim parent! What need is there to engage in such a marriage which destroys one's Din?

~ al-Quduri ~