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Question 89) - What is Istihadah?

A: It occurs in several forms:

1. If she bleeds and it stops before three clays it is Istihadah.
2. What goes over her normal period or over ten days is Istihadah.
3. If she bleeds for the first time and it goes over 10 days, then the ten days are menses and the rest Istihadah. If this bleeding of a beginner goes on for years, then her menses is ten days of every month, the rest Istihadah.
4. The bleeding of a pregnant woman is Istihadah.
5. Tea bleeding of a pregnant woman before giving birth is Istihadah.
6. If a woman in Nifas has a set known period, and her Nifas bleeding exceeds 40 days, then what exceeds her period is Istihadah.
7. If however, a woman gave birth for the first time and she bleeds for more than 40 days, then the 40 days is Nifas and the rest Istihadah.
8. If she has a miscarriage and no organ of the foetus is completed and this period cannot be her menses, then it is Istihadah.

~ al-Quduri ~