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Paying a Deceased Father's Debt with zakaah

Question: My father passed away several months ago and left behind a Debt of 30000 Rupees, which he owed to three persons. His estate did not have enough to settle the? debts and I also have no bank balance or any gold to settle it. The Jamaa'ah has given me a house to live in and I have a shop let out, the rental of which just suffices for my domestic needs. I therefore wish to know whether I can use the zakaah of some good person to settle my father's debts.

Answer: Since your father has left nothing to settle the debts and you have Neither cash nor assets to settle it, zakaah or Lillaah funds may be used to settle the debts if the creditors are demanding their dues. You may however not amass the money, but must pay the creditors as soon as you receive it.

While the creditors have no right to demand payment from you since the debt is not yours, you may employ this course of' action to protect your dignity if the creditors refuse to relent. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3