When is Waleemah Sunnah? Print
Kitabun Nikah [ The book of Marriage ] - General

When is Waleemah Sunnah?

Question: (1) Is the Waleemah Sunnah before or after consummation. Does consummation refer to actual intercourse or is privacy between the two sufficient?

(2)Will the Sunnah of Waleemah be carried out if people are fed immediately after the marriage and before the couple can seclude themselves in privacy?

Answer: (1) The Waleemah meal is to be fed after the couple have met in privacy. It may take place on the same day or the day thereafter, when friends and family gather to celebrate the joy of the marriage. Poor people and Ulema should also be invited to the function.

There are also scholars who state that the Waleemah may be hosted at the time of the marriage and thereafter as well. However, it is Makrooh to host it two days afterwards.

(2) According to some scholars, this will be regarded as the Waleemah. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3