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A Woman who Kissed Her To-Be Son- in-Law PDF Print E-mail
Kitabun Nikah [ The book of Marriage ] - Adultry

A Woman who Kissed Her To-Be Son- in-Law

Question: What do the Ulema of Deen and the Muftis have to say about the following: Zaid is to marry Hinda and was sleeping one day at her parents house when her mother (his mother-in-law to-be who is herself still young) came and kissed him passionately. Zaid showed his disgust, but this happened again While he still intends marrying Hinda, people have told him that he now cannot do so. Is this true? Is there any way in which he can still marry her?

Answer: Since she kissed Zaid with lust, be it on the forehead, cheek or lips, Hinda will forever be Haraam for Zaid to marry because the act leads to intercourse and any such act falls into the category of intercourse according to the Ahadeeth. Zaid will therefore never be able to marry Hinda.

NOTE: Although the forehead, cheek and lips are mentioned, kissing or touching any other part of the body with lust will also make the ascendants and descendants of the parties Haraam for each other. This applies when there is no clothing or anything else between the two persons. However, if the clothing is so thin that the heat of the body can be felt through it, the rule will still apply since this is as good as feeling the bare skin. Howeve,. the rule will not apply if the man ejaculated at the time because this eliminates the possibility of intercourse. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3