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Is zakaah Payable on Household Goods? PDF Print E-mail
ZAKAH.. [Obligatory Charity] - Zakah on goods

Is zakaah Payable on Household Goods?

Question: Is zakaah payable on any of the following:

1. Tables, chairs, trunks and other household furniture
2. Clothing with gold brocade
3. Clothing that is being used
4. Winter and summer clothing
5. Buildings, one's residence and rented premises
6. Glassware and other ornaments that decorate the house
7. Weaving and other machines
8. Private motor vehicle
9. Watches
10. Radios
11. Electric fans
12. Sewing machines

Answer: (1) There is no zakaah on this. (2) lf the gold or silver used on a garment or the sum of several garments equals the Nisaab amount, zakaah will be payable, otherwise not. (3-12) There is no zakaah payable on any of these items.

Zakaah is payable on gold, silver, .gold and silver jewellery and stock intended for trade. There is therefore no zakaah due on machinery that is not intended for resale . Zakaah will how ever be due on the income derived from these machines if it is in excess of one's needs, equal to Nisaab and in one's possession for a complete year. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3