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ZAKAH.. [Obligatory Charity] - Zakah of Cattle

Question 409) - Explain the amount of Zakah payable on cattle.

A: There is no Zakah on less that 30 heads of cattle. lf the number reaches 30 cattle which spent most of a year freely grazing and they have been possessed for a full lunar year then Zakah of a calf - male or female - in its second year is payable. For 40 cattle a calf of either sex in its third year is payable. According to Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH. an additional calculation is made for an amount above 40 until 60. A fortieth of a third year female calf is due on one above 40; two- fortieths on 2; 3 fortieths on 3. According to Imaam Abu Yusuf RAH. and Imaam Muhammed RAH. there is no extra Zakah on the extraamounts above 40 until 60. When the cattle reach 60 heads* then 2 calves in their second year of either sex are due. on 70 a calf in the third year and a calf in the second year are due. on 80, 2 calves in their third year are due. on 90, 3 second year calves are due. on 100, 2 second years and 1 third year. In this way, in every 10 the Zakah will change between second and third years.

*There is no difference amongst them on less than 40 and 60 and above.

~ al-Quduri ~