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What is the ruling of giving Zakah to a rich man or his son? PDF Print E-mail
ZAKAH.. [Obligatory Charity] - Masraf of Zakah [on whom spent]

Question 447) - What is the ruling of giving Zakah to a rich man or his son?

A: It is not permissible to give zakah of any kind of wealth to a rich man i.e" one who has Nisab* free of his principle needs. It cannot be given to his son who is small and has not reached puberty. It can be given to a rich man's adult son if he is poor, not possessing Nisab.

*Fathul Qadir (202/2): "In summary Nisab is of three kinds. one is which makes Zakah Wajib upon its owner. It increases naturally or by adding, and he is free of debt. Another Nisab is that which does not necessitate Zakah and that is when it is encompassed by the needs of the owner who can then accept Zakah. lf not in his need, then Zakah is Haram for him e.g. his clothing equals Nisab and he does not need them all; or he does not need to use all his furniture in his house; or a slave whose service he does not need; or a horse he does not ride; or a house he does not need to live in. lf he is really in need of any of these then he is a Faqir and one can give him Zakah. However, begging is not allowed for him. The thind Nisab is that which prohibits begging. It is when he owns enough food for the day or does not own it but !s capable of earning it or owns 50 Dirham (with different views on this amount)."
Al-Bahr (263/2): "The rich man owning Nisab encompasses Nisab which increases free from debt and in excess of one's principle needs and Wajib responsibilities. Also the Nisab which does not increase free of 3 Wajibs - Sadaqtul Fitr, Udhiyah and living expenses of relatives. Both of these may not take Zakah." Many people are unaware of these distinctions and think that whoever does not have to pay Zakah can accept Zakah. Whereas there are the rich who cannot accept Zakah and there are those who have possessions beyond their principle needs, such as extra furniture on books they are not worthy of then they cannot accept Zakah.

~ al-Quduri ~