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1 Is there a difference with an item found in the Hill or the Haram? 1976
2 The finder wished to give it to someone else because he was rich. He give it to his father/ mother/ adult son/ wife who were poor. Is that permissible? 1849
3 Can he not take it for himself? 1922
4 The finder announced the found item for days/a year. He gave up on finding the owner and intended giving it away in charity. To whom can he give it? 1925
5 The claimant cannot produce any evidence but gives a description of the item. What is the ruling? 1863
6 A man found a lost item. Someone comes and claims that he is the owner. will he be given it based on his mere claim? 1991
7 If the finder spends so much on a found animal that his expenses equal the value of the animal, what should he do? 1885
8 A man spent on the animal with the court's permission. The owner comes to claim it. Can the finder refuse to return the animal until the owner reimburses his costs? 1758
9 A man picked up a lost animal. Who is liable for the expenses he incurred to maintain the animal? 1919
10 Can a lost sheep, cow or camel be collected like this? 1987
11 What happens if the owner claims it after he gave it away? 1595
12 Once he picks it us what should he do? 1568
13 If someone sees it can he pick it up? 1758
14 What is a Luqtah? 1992