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Awliya and Akfa [Guardians and peers]
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1 An adult woman authorised a man to marry her to himself. They got married in the presence of witnesses. Is the marriage valid? 1970
2 A woman's guardian is her paternal uncle's son. He marries her to himself. Is this permissible? 1904
3 You have mentioned that a guardian cannot force a woman to marry. If an adult woman marries and reduces her dowry to less than Mahr Mithl, can the guardian object to what she has chosen for herself? 1721
4 What is the status of the guardianship of a Kafir? 1873
5 Are there any other conditions for guardianship besides Qarabah and the others already mentioned? 1835
6 A father got his small daughter married and halved the Mahr Mithl, or the father of a small boy got him married and increased on the Mahr Mithl. What is the ruling? 1734
7 Can non-male relatives such as sisters, mothers and mothers' sisters get a small boy or girl married? 1968
8 The guardians got children married in their childhood. Do the boy and the girl have a right to cancel the marriage when they attain puberty? 1769
9 An insane woman has two guardians - her father and her son. Who is her guardian in marriage? 1760
10 What is a firm absence? 1927
11 A closest guardian is absent and a need arose to get them married. Can the further guardian get them married? 1620
12 A guardian got a child, male or female, married without asking permission. Is the marriage valid? 1606
13 A man got his adult virgin daughter married. Her new husband says, "When the proposal reached You, you remained silent." She replies, "I did not keep quiet. I rejected it." What is their status? 1402
14 A woman did not marry and terminated her virginity through fornication. What is her status in this mas-alah? 1637
15 A woman never got married, but her physical virginity was broken by jumping, menses, a wound, or through lengthy period of not marrying. Is she legally a virgin or not? 1393
16 A woman married and became a widow. Must her guardian ask her permission if he wishes to get her married a second time? 1524
17 If she refuses, what can the guardian do? 1576
18 A virgin is shy to respond verbally. How can she give her consent? 1537
19 We accept that she cannot be forced However, women generally do not get married themselves, but their guardians get them married. Must the guardian ask her permission? 1387
20 Can a guardian force a sane, adult virgin to marry? 1505
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