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Qisas fin Nafs [Retaliation for a life]
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1 How are executions performed? 1969
2 A man wounded another. The victim remained wounded and bedridden until he died. Is there retaliation? 1904
3 A man left his slave as collateral. That slave was killed. Will the killer be executed? 1949
4 A man made Kitabah with his slave. The Mukatab was then killed. Who is entitled to retaliation? 1972
5 A man shot another deliberately. The arrow continued and killed another. What is the ruling? 1945
6 A slave confesses to premeditated murder. Will he be executed? 1985
7 A murderer died before he could be executed. What is the ruling? 1805
8 A group of people killed one person. Will they be executed? 1791
9 A man killed several people. The victims' demanded retaliation. What is the ruling? 1801
10 If one of the partners foregoes the retaliation; or compromises on his share for a consideration, what do the rest do? 1914
11 What is the ruling if the killer pays a compromise to the Awliya of the victim? 1552
12 A child or madman deliberately killed. Will they be executed? 1542
13 A man has the right to claim retaliation against his father. Will the father be executed? 1505
14 Is there retaliation if a man killed his son/ slave/ Mudabbar/ mukatab/ son's slave? 1580
15 What is the ruling if a man killed a woman; or a woman killed a man; or an adult killed a minor; or a healthy person killed a blind man/ chronically ill/ insane/ one who lost limbs? 1400
16 What is the ruling of retaliation for killing a Zimmi and Mustamin [foreign Kafir who obtained permission to enter the lands of Islaam]? 1437
17 What is the ruling of a freeman killing a freeman or a slave; or a slave killing a freeman or a slave? 1707
18 What is Qisas? 2524