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1 Is Hajj compulsory or Fardh for a woman who has such an amount of gold that Zakaat becomes Fardh upon her and she can cover Hajj expenses? 268
2 Can I send my elderly, unemployed parents to Hajj? 246
3 Is Mina part of Meccah? 213
4 Can I cut my unwanted hairs and nails on 5th of Dhul Hajj before going for Hajj. 222
5 Can my wife clean my son before going for Tawaaf and Sa’ee? 227
6 Can we travel from our place to Makkah (without wearing Ehraam from Meeqaat) for offering Namaaz and Tawaaf only? 159
7 I would like to ask few questions about women's Tahaarat: 190
8 I am living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years. This Ramzaan we went for Umrah and stayed in Makkah till Eid. On the second day of Eid, we travelled to Jeddah and stayed for one complete day. On our way back to Riyaadh, we lost our d 142
9 Is it permissible for me to go for Hajj before I settle my debts? 166
10 I have enough resources to go for Hajj. My wife is pregnant and my father wants me to do Hajj next year. Is Hajj obligatory on me? 155
11 Is a menstruating lady allowed to perform Tawaf Al-Ziyarah after the twelfth of Dhul-Hijjah? 145
12 Can I take my wife's neice for umrah and be her wali? 135
13 Can a person who has not yet performed his Fardh Hajj perform Hajj-Badal? If he does, will he be absolved of his Fardh Hajj? 163
14 Is it necessary for one to send someone for Haj on his behalf if he has attained enough money only after his sickness? 158
15 A person left a bequest for Haj to be performed on his behalf, after death, when the will was being executed it was found that Haj was more than 1/3 of that persons wealth. will that person be regarded as sinful? 125
16 Is it permissible for women to wear Niqab and give Sadaqah in the state of Ihram? 156
17 What's the ruling if a woman makes tawaf al-ziyarah in the state of haydh ? Please reply with reference. 141
18 Without performing Tawaf-e-Ziyarat, will wife be Halal or Haram? 172
19 Should I perform Haj or first clear my debts? 151
20 What is the validity of haj which was paid using money which my wife received through inheritance? 144
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