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21 Which sandals should be worn during Umrah and Hajj? 169
22 May I request you to recommend the best book regarding fiqh and method of performing Hajj & Umrah (for layman, in English or Urdu) as I hope to perform my first ever Hajj this year inshaAllah. 140
23 If you visit Makkah for multiple days and want to make an Umrah each day, do you have to remove your unwanted hair each time? 171
24 I perormed my first Umrah 11 years ago and cut my hear without making Sa'ee. Do I need to pay dumm? 157
25 If Tawaf is done incorrectly in ihraam then does one need to repeat the tawaf or penelty alone suffices? 142
26 After Hajj several doubt comes regarding Tawaf ,sayi or other act. Is it waswasa ? how can I come out of it ? 153
27 I have some money in possesion of me. who should perform HAJJ first me or my mother? 149
28 Husband and wife go to saudia to perform umra and after performed umra husband has intercourse with wife in holy land(Makkah and Medina).is allowed to do so in holy city 165
29 The cases where tawaf after interruption is resumed from where left off, I want to be clarified about the resumption spot . 181
30 Related to the older query, Sir Just tell me whether my duty (obligation of tawaf) is discharged or not, as I offered salat al Tawaf after Maghrib sunnah/nafl. 153
31 Is it possible to perform other sunnat muakadah and prescribed nafl salah after congregation prayer between tawaf and its prayer? I completed 7 circuits of Tawaf then waited to pass makruh time... 155
32 Can I go on Hajj if I have outstanding loan obligations to pay? 165
33 I passed Meeqat without ihraam, is a damm wajib? What is the ruling for women having a cloth touch the face while in ihraam? 157
34 We pelted the jamaraat before Dhuhr on the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah. Was that a permissible time? 160
35 I went for Umrah and later on discovered that I had haidh the same night. Do I have to give damm? 146
36 We performed Tawaaf Ziyaarah after Isha on the 12th of Dhul Hijjah. Was our Hajj valid? 157
37 I performed Tawaaf Wida and then left for Mina, and then returned to Makkah again. Did I have to do Tawaaf Wida again or would the previous one suffice? 146
38 Is Umrah compulsory every time one goes to Makkah? What if his visa restricts him from performing Hajj and Umrah? 154
39 Can a mother and her daughter go for Umrah without the company of the father? 167
40 My wife did not have wudhu during tawaaf while on Hajj and Umrah. What should we do now? 144
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