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41 I covered my head for an hour while in ihraam, what do I have to do now? 182
42 How do I prevent urine drops while wearing ihram? Can I pray qad?’ prayers after I pray my fard ‘Asr? 196
43 can i perform fard haj on behalf of my father who died in india assuming ahram from saudi arabia?can i meet the expenses from my money and can later on take the expenses once i reach india after completing haj? 160
44 I was wondering if I could concentrate on clearing family debts and other expenses for now and do Hajj next year with my family. And if I do go to Hajj this year alone, do I have to leave work if I can’t get a holiday? 167
45 when the husbands dies, is it permissible still for the wife to perform her fard hajj, when the hajj period falls within her 'idah period even though she has a mahram? 155
46 A person on visit visa in Saudi Arabia, Dammam. Going to Jeddah for 5 days to visit daughter and to perform Umra as well. To wear Ahram from Dammam or can wear ahram from Jeddah. 153
47 I am living in Jeddah from the past seven months and have performed Umrah on multiple times. Recently my brothers came for Umrah. One came from Albaha and he stayed at my home for one day and performed Umrah on the second day. He put his Ihram from my hom 148
48 I am living in al khobar , i want to perform umrah. my parents came from india to perform umrah too and at present they already performed one umrah and they want to perform another one, i am going directly to makkah to perform umrah with my parents. 138
49 Many banks in pakistan offer loan without interest for HAJ. Is this allow in Islam to take loan from bank without interest and give some of the % before and rest in instalment after HAJ. If no then why Banks like meezan , dubai islamic offering it. 162
50 could you please let me know can i perform single umrah on behalf of all followers of islam 162
51 I would like to know if am i allowed to go for umrah with my late husband's wife and children. 147
52 Is a person liable to do hajj if he has alot of debts and his elder brother's family is under his responsibility? 176
53 If someone pray eid salat in london and than left for pakistan and the next day eid in pakistan so he have to eid salt in pakistan again and what about qurbani shall he have to do qurbani in london or Pakistan 142
54 I live in USA, I sended money to Bangladesh for Qurbani and they pray Eid Ul Adha one day before me, so they will wait for Qurbani until I perform my Eid Ul Adha pray or not. 131
55 Is it permissible to make Qurbani with animals who's tails have been cut?....2)Is it permissible for a man to be alone in a car with his sister-in-law (brother's wife) if his mother is with them? 141
56 During haj time if the wajibat are not done in sequence ...Q2)On the 10th of Zul hijjah is it permissible to do rami in the evening? 147
57 What is the ruling for hanafi females regarding wearing niqab whilst in ihram for umra and haj. If a women wears the niqab during the 5 days of haj only when they are men around and when with the ladies she doesnt is it correct. And what is the kaffara fo 125
58 InshaAllah I am going for Hajj this year with my husband. I need to know a few things before i leave. please help me.... 148
59 i am planning to go to hajj this yr iNshallah someone told me to take contraceptive to stop periods during hajj can i take the tablets..? 133
60 I would like to know if it is jayaz of najayaz for a muslim in India to perform Haj through the Haj Committee Of India knowing that it is subsidised. May Allah have Mercy on you & accept your efforts. 126
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