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61 I have come across a Hadith in Fazail Haj regarding the virtues of reading 40 Namazes in Musjid Nabawi,one attains freedom from hypocrisy,fire of hell & punishment. 248
62 I will b going for hajj this year insha-allah i have got 60% of the package money the other 40% will b filled in by my father... 250
63 Is it necessary to get married before performing Hajj??? 246
64 I have a friend who is around 28 years old and he has developed a bed wetting problem for past 8 to 9 years and the problem is not geting away but actually getting worse. Now.... 223
65 When leaving for umrah from south africa and going to makkah first, Can to read the salaatul ihraam in south africa and wear a kurta, socks and shoes etc. until just before you 246
66 This incidence was took place when I went to perform haj alongwith my wife. We physically met (intercourse) during stay in Madinatul Munawara. After hajj I asked question about 243
67 I just want to know if a son wants to pay for his parents umrah to get ajar..is it allowes in islam or the parents have to to pay for their own umrah trip? 218
68 In the days of ramazan and hajj, now in makkah, we see the mixing of women in the suffuf. 294
69 Is performing Qasr in Arafa part of hajj or is it due to the Journey condition. Many perform 2 rakah for zohar and Asar on arafa day even imam who is a 306
70 I went to hajj this year Alhumdulillah and made sincere tawbah regarding backbiting. I had been involved in the past (before going to hajj) in listening to people who talk bad... 242
71 Please advise what is the proper way to make your niyah when intending to go for Hajj? Is it sufficient to say out loud that you intend to go on hajj? 285
72 How Should A Woman In Menstruation Perform Her Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarat If She Has To Leave Makka Before Her Menstruation Ends?She Cannot extend Or Delay Her Flight? 297
73 Is it permissible to cross the meeqat without intention of umrah(for them) and not put on Ihram 241
74 Based on the time period since we are here so are we called as Makki 2) 2) From your different Fatwa's it came to our knowledge that we cannot offer any other type of Hajj except Hajj-e-Ifrad. 3 ) 3) Can we clear and cut our unwanted hairs, hairs, and na 211
75 I have read many Haj book , but they confuse each other, then I tried some tafseer and Hadees sahrah and I found the.... 223
76 Please guide me in detail about the Hajj as i will be performing Haj-e Tamattu. 247
77 Can a Hajj-e-badal be made for a deceased person who had already done their Hajj in their lifetime? 232
78 If a woman used to loose hair continously, what is the ruling regarding loosing hair in the state of ihram speacially during ablution?...2. On 10th of Dhul-Hijja what is the sequence to perform stonning, sacrifice, shaving and Tawaf-e-Ziyara. Is it permis 188
79 Inshallah me and my wife will perform Hajj this year, Although i have a good earning but still iam short of some money for Hajj and i am taking it from my friend as a loan so that i.... 222
80 How early Tawaf-e-Qadum can be done? Is it required to do it on 8th of Dhul-Hijja or it can be done on 7th and earlier? 296
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